My student life

Today marks the end of my 18 years of formal education as a student. Just completed the last exam for my undergraduate degree and looking forward to a nice long summer holidays before joining the work force. It has been an interesting journey growing up in the environment which I was brought up that has shaped me to be who I am today.

Taking a trip down memory lane… The journey started when I was about 4 years old in a pre-school. Back then, I could barely read or write properly as all I cared about was to have fun with my friends. Just like every other kids :) Well, back then I was also rather young and could barely remember much to actually blog about it here.

Two years later, I entered primary school. This time, I could read, write and count properly (the 3M as it is called in Malaysia’s education system – Membaca, Menulis & Mengira). Life was rather easy going as the difficulty just increase up a notch each year. There’s always fun around the corner, from playing with bottle caps, “kon-trap”, to pens and rubbers (erasers) during free times. A trend will always be around the corner… when actions were taken to ban students from having too many rubbers, we would just stop playing with rubbers and played with the next ‘toy’ in our stationary box – pens. Disciplinary teachers would just have to keep up with the trend. I guess we’re just a bunch of creative kids that would play with anything that we could think of and make it game (with rules!!). Anyone growing up in my generation would certainly remembered those times… I wonder if kids today still plays with these ‘toys’ in this digital age of PSP (PlayStation Portable) and Gameboy.

At the end of each primary school year, we would just have a little party when all hell breaks lose… A day when kids rules. I guess it was also during my years in primary school that I realised I wasn’t athletic material. Everyone of us were basically given some basic sports training and kids that shows potential talent were selected for further coaching to represent the school’s team, which obviously wasn’t me. There was also this row of shops behind the school which is a popular hang-out place for us to get our candies and other stuff which kids would waste their pocket moneys on, the one and only ‘kedai luar’ (outside shops in Malay). Anyway, studies were always relaxed… until Standard (Year) 6 when we would have our national primary school test called UPSR. That was the year when we were thoroughly polished in our studies to meet the standards that were expected of us. A special dedication to my standard 6 class teacher which have in some ways laid the foundation stone in my studies during those polishing times.

Next, I continued my education journey to a secondary school which was just next to my former primary school. A transition from being a big brother in school to being juniors, and also a transition from being kids to teens. Hormones starts to shape both genders unique features (I am from a coed school) as well as a number of crushes towards the opposite gender. Well, none have actually been more than crushes :| I guess my passion was diverted to computing instead. Studies were getting harder and started having some fun in the science laboratory as well as some co-curriculum activities. Then there comes PMR, a national junior high school examination in Form 3 that would determine our stream of studies for the following two years. I did rather well in the exam and got into science stream.

Things were going rather well in my studies until Form 4 when I made my first historical failure in Additional Maths. I guess that was a wake up call for me, and I could brag a little today that I had actually failed before and eventually picked myself up ;) My participation in co-curriculum activities got more active which was also about the time when I started writting for my school’s computer club magazine KPC (Knowing your Personal Computer, not ‘Keh Poh Chi’ (busy body) in Hokkien :)). Soon, there comes SPM, the ‘o’ level equivalent national examination. This also marks the end of my journey under the national education system of Malaysia.

Well, initially I would actually like to continue my studies in IT but soon found that my interest lies beyond IT (which is mainly software) but also into computer hardware (electronics) as well. This eventually leads me to take a degree in Electrical & Electronics engineering which matches my interest nicely. Soon, I was enrolled in a college near my house which offers a good twinning program with University of Adelaide, Australia for this course. My 4 years undergraduate journey is filled with its fare share of ups and downs as well… which I would perhaps share it in a later post.