New intel Logotypes

Intel InsideThe “intel inside” logotype that was introduced way back in 1991 would soon be replaced with a new “intel” logotype. Overall the new design generally looks the same with some slight changes in the circle and the removal of the word “inside” from the logotype.

The new logotype was first leaked on the internet by and I was personally suspicious of its legitimacy. The “intel inside” logotype and brand has been one of the world’s most successful brand-names today (Top 5 according to BusinessWeek), and a change would mark a huge step in intel’s re-branding strategy. However, upon verifying with some intel insiders, it seems that the new logotype has been in circulation within intel’s internal documents. So the new logotype change seems very possible in the near future.

The new intel logotype

On the other hand, there will also be changes to intel’s future mobile processor (codename: Yonah) branding which will be named “Core Solo” (single core processor) and “Core Duo” (dual core processor) instead of Pentium M. Perhaps intel is planning on a different branding strategy for each segment of the mainstream market with Pentium for desktops, Core for laptops, and Xeon (and Itanium) for servers, while the Celeron would remain as bargain basement chip.


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