Intel: Leap Ahead

Intel Leap Ahead

Intel has now officially announced its new logo together with a new motto: Leap Ahead.

Leap ahead declares who we are and where we are going. These two words capture what drives us, inspires us, galvanizes us into action, and unites us in purpose and practice. It is the simple embodiment of what we make possible for people everywhere.
– Intel

Intel’s PR guys must be rather busy recently with such a huge corporate image and product branding overhaul. Even one of the world’s most popular brands Pentium, is said to be slowly dropped from Intel’s product line (TG Daily). This is definitely a big leap for Intel as we don’t usually see Top 5 brand-names (according to BusinessWeek) dropped when it is starting to get old and boring. It looks like Pentium (the brand) will die in its teens (13 years since introduction). I wonder if any other Top 10 brand-names in the world ever made such a big leap in dropping one of their most successful product brand-names.

Anyway, this year 2006 promise to be an interesting year with many new products in Intel’s roadmap. Especially with Intel’s new microprocessor architecture, codename Merom, which promise to leap Intel back into the performance-per-watt competition with a more competitive AMD of today.