Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!!
May the year of the dog brings health and prosperity to everyone.

Althought I’m not really into horoscopes, I just thought of reading what the year of the dog have install for me (borned on the year of the pig) from the horoscope’s perspective. Here’s generally what my chinese horoscope have to say about the year 2006 for me:

Certain changes will take place in your life. They will all be positive, profitable and agreeable if you know how to appreciate and handle them. Don’t let the past and useless details choke your existence.
- Chinese.Astrology.com

The first part of the horoscope I think is quite true as I’m now transitioning from a student to a working adult. A change which I think is part of life and growing up. It’s time to take more responsibilities in life and stand on my own two feet. I could only hope that these changes will all be positive, profitable and agreeable if I can have gratitude towards them – looking at the bright side. It looks like the year of the dog will generally good (fingers crossed).

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