Handphones – The new fad?

Having a mobile phone seems to be a norm among today’s society. I remembered the days when having a mobile phone is a luxury and only rich businessmen has one for business purposes. Today, the price of such telecommunication technology has become affordable thanks to the advancement of technology. Furthermore, with the introduction of prepaid lines and price war among telecommunication operators (in Malaysia) such as Maxis, Digi and Celcom, almost anyone with a reasonable income could afford a mobile phone.

I was certainly one of the later ones back in my early college days to get a mobile phone, which is around mid-2001. That’s about the time when the mobile phone industry (in Malaysia) started to bloom. Its not that I could not afford a mobile phone, but I just couldn’t justify having one back then. Eventually I got a mobile phone as a gift from a close relative, and enjoyed the communication freedom while on the move ever since.

However, taking a look at today’s younger generation… namely those who are still in school, having the latest and coolest mobile phones seems to be the new fad. What bothers me most is the price that they’re willing to pay for such high-end phones. Well, some of the kids do have rich parents who could afford to get them one; some are just not too fortunate. I’ve seen some kids who would work part-time and neglected their studies just to be able to afford a high-end mobile phone that their richer peers have.

Such peer pressure is certainly not a good sign among our growing younger generation. Perhaps it would be better to accept the reality of life that we can’t always get what we want and should be grateful with what we have and can afford while improving ourselves (study) for a brighter future. Being an outcast myself, in terms of the latest fads back in school, it seems to be just a short term situation. True friends would look deeper into our personality and heart than our materials.

Although I enjoyed having a mobile phone for the communication freedom, I still could not justify paying RM1000+ for a high-end phone that has lots of cool features that I would hardly need or use. I started with the good old Nokia 3310 (got stolen), and replaced with a low end Nokia 2100. Today, I’m using a Nokia 3100 which came free with the mobile line subscription when I was in Australia doing my studies, and I have no intentions to get any of the newer cool high-end mobile phones until my current phone gives up on me. All I expect of my mobile phone is to be able to make and receive calls and messages.

Well, it’s the younger generation of mobile phones users that are mostly going after all the new and cool high-end phones. They are probably the biggest consumers for high-end mobile phones that are driving the industry into prosperity, but at the expense of our younger generation’s future? Perhaps like all other fads, it would eventually fades and the youths would outgrow it as just another communication tools. Or it could evolve into a fashion item just as what some mobile phone makers would like it to be perceived as.

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