FIFA World Cup 2006

The cup of life, the FIFA World Cup 2006 begins…
World Cup 2006 Logo
I’m quite sure many football fans will be glued to their TV screens for the following 1 month to cheer their favourite teams to victory, me included. But then again, living on the other side of the world from Germany means live matches late in the night (early mornings). So I guess I could only watch the highlights and selected matches on weekends.

So, which country do I support? Brazil would be the clear favourites to retain the World Cup title. However, in football, anything can happen. Being a keen follower of English Premier League (EPL), England may also stand a chance to make some surprises. Perhaps the host country, Germany could go all the way to win the trophy with the full support of the locals.

If Malaysia is one of the 32 finalist, I would support my home country. But then again, the Malaysian football team is still no where close to world-class currently. So lets enjoy the game and may the spirit of sportsmanship unites us all. Go Go Goal!!

UPDATE: What a beautiful and entertaining opening match between Germany and Costa Rica. Germany 4 – Costa Rica 2. May this be a sign of an exciting FIFA World Cup 2006.