Core 2 Duo: Intel Returns

Intel Core 2 Duo
The new Core 2 Duo processor (codenamed Conroe) has been Intel’s long awaited new processor architecture which took 5 years in the making. All the hype surrounding it has finally come to an end. The Core 2 Duo did live up to all the hype that Intel has been generating for months prior to the release. Intel has now regained the performance leadership and has improved its power efficiency (a.k.a. Performance-per-Watt) which has been in AMD’s favor for the last couple of years.

Personally, it’s been quite some time since processors has garnered such an excitement. Well, we don’t always get to see a new processor architecture being released as it usually a couple of years in the making. The last processor architecture that truly garnered such an excitement (personally) was the release of the AMD K7 Athlon processor; it has brought performance advantage that was way ahead of its time. The Core 2 Duo has perhaps achieved such a similar feat.

With such a significant performance advantage and pricing of the Core 2 Duo, Intel would surely regain the market share that it has once lost if AMD could not response to the competition. Will AMD revert back to its humble beginnings of selling processors at discounted prices? It would certainly be a good news for you and me (the consumer), but may not be the most favorable option for the AMD of today as it has been proven to be unhealthy for it’s financial health.

As AMD would not have any significant update to its high-end mainstream product lineup for the rest of 2006, a price cut on AMD’s product-line seems inevitable if AMD would to maintain its price/performance competitiveness. Hopefully AMD could response to Intel with a competitive product that isn’t hastily made like how Intel once did. Competition has always been a good thing, and Intel has now ‘Leap ahead‘ of the competition to regain its microprocessor supremacy – Intel Returns.

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