HockLai.com’s 1st Anniversary

Happy Birthday to Me and HockLai.com’s 1st Anniversary!!

Time has passed in a blink of an eye and many ups and downs took place in a year since I started this blog as a past time to spill ‘My 2 cents of Tech enLIGHTenment’ to the world. I was still an undergraduate doing my final year project when it all began. And most of my posts back then were based on my final year project, studies and life in Adelaide, Australia.

Months later, I’ve graduated and returned to Malaysia to join many fresh graduates in job hunting. Job hunting at JobStreet.com is perhaps the “in” thing now. Attending my first interview, getting my first offer letter (and also my first rejection letter) is a life experience. I felt blessed to have been able to secure my first job of my career choice in 2 months after my graduation, since there is currently about tens of thousands of jobless graduates in Malaysia.

Today, I’m a 23 years old bachelor building my career as a Design & Support Engineer in a reputable local electronics company. Work can be tiring at times but I’m certainly enjoying all the challenges that come my way. There’s many for me to learn from work and at the same time contribute my part to the company. It’s a great place to kick-start my career nonetheless.

My blog, HockLai.com on the other hand seems to have taken a toll in the frequency of my posts due to my busy working life. Anyhow, it has survived and I’m proud that the blog has manage to reach where it is today with an average of 3.8 posts a month and a steady stream of readers to celebrate its 1st Anniversary (and hopefully many more anniversaries to come). Thank you for all your support!!

I’ve initially doubted my perseverance to keep this blog running for this long, but it’s now 1 year old. I’ve several plans to further spice up this blog, but the reality of work and other life’s commitment leave little time for me to blog. Perhaps these plans would be slowly implemented when time permits. So stay tuned to HockLai.com… And hopefully with all your support, the blog would grow as I grow older (and wiser?).

Hock Lai ;)


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