Finally, I’ve subscribed to the TMnet’s Streamyx ADSL broadband internet in Malaysia. Many who knew me personally were surprised that a “geek” like me is still using dial-up to get on the internet.

Well, I would have loved to jump on the ADSL broadband bandwagon in Malaysia when it all first started about 3 years ago. However, at launch, my area wasn’t covered by Streamyx service. When my area finally gets covered by the Streamyx service, I was about to leave for Australia to further my studies.


Now, I’ve finally settled down in Malaysia with a job… its time to say goodbye to the snail-speed narrowband dial-up and welcome the speedy ADSL broadband. I’ve heard many rantings about the poor service and speed that TMnet offers, but they are basically still the only feasible option for broadband service in Malaysia. Alternatives such as Jaring, TIMEnet and Maxis were either more expensive or has limited coverage and doesn’t service my area.

My Day-1 experience on Streamyx is all good and positive. TMnet took a reasonable 2 weeks to install an ADSL port for my phone line, and manage to get me connected at 65% of the theoretical “best effort” speed (~320kbps of the rated 512kbps). Not as impressive as the 1.5mbps broadband internet I had back in Adelaide with reliable connectivity at 80% of the rated speed at most times, but with download bandwidth quota :( So in that sense, I feel that TMnet did quite a reasonable job and should be given some due credit.

:) Thumbs up to TMnet Streamyx! :)
Hopefully the service would continue to improve with better reliability and speed as the nation progresses in today’s information age.


  1. Justin 17 September, 2006
  2. Elvin 5 April, 2007