An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth, a film by Al Gore (the former next president of the United Sates of America) is a film that should enlighten us all about global warming from the myths and misconceptions. Global warming is indeed real and truly affecting us all. This movie is not about sensationalizing the environmental issue nor is it about politics, but the scientific facts of the issue that faces us all.

An Inconvenient Truth

Quote from the movie

“The Era of Procrastination, of Half-Measures, of Soothing and Baffling Expedients, of Delays, is Coming to its Close. In its Place We Are Entering a Period of Consequences.”
– Sir Winston Churchill (Nov 12, 1936)

This phrase struck me about what is happening here in Malaysia and around the world. Just a few months back, we Malaysians (and Singaporeans) have to put up with the yearly haze that blankets our skies. It’s almost like we now have 3 Seasons in a tropical country of Malaysia – Sunny, Rainy and Hazy. It has been going on for about a decade or so now, and what have the authorities done to rectify the problems? “…Half-Measures, of Soothing and Baffling Expedients, of Delays…”.

The authorities started spending thousands (or millions) of dollars on cloud seeding every year whenever there’s haze to clear the sky. Aren’t we suppose to go after the culprit (farmers) who is responsible for burning almost half the island of Sumatra, Indonesia up in smoke? The money would be better spent on solving the root cause of the problem instead.

Quote from the movie

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”
- Upton Sinclair

It’s time for us to take action to save our one and only planet earth that we all call home before it is too late. The world’s weather is now a havoc, with abnormal weather phenomena becoming a norm. Are we all heading towards a world as depicted in The Day After Tomorrow? When nature eventually takes its course to cleanse the world back to its original state and bringing civilizations down to its knees.

So what can you and me (as individuals) do to reduce global warming? We may be little, but our collective contributions could make a difference. Here’s my pledge to mother-earth:

  • Use public transportation whenever possible
  • Use fuel economical and well maintained car with low emission
    (I can’t afford an electric or hybrid car yet)
  • Reduce wastage of electricity, use power efficient electrical appliances/devices
    (Energy efficient computers?)
  • Turning off my electrical appliances/devices instead of putting it on standby
  • Plant a tree (or two) in my little garden
  • Recycle paper and other recyclable items
    (The old newspaper man makes recycling easier)
  • Help spread the word about global warming
    (By spreading the word about this movie in my blog :) )

I hope my enlightened readers would also play their part to help save our one and only earth from being destroyed by our ignorance towards global warming.

* Special thanks to David Teoh for sharing this movie [Link to his post]. *