2007 TecHLookout

It’s been an interesting start to 2007 with the internet speed across the region brought down to almost a crawl due to the damaged undersea internet pipeline in Taiwan. Despite of the “redundancy” network nature of the internet, the earthquake in Southern Taiwan shows us that a damage to a major pipeline connecting the east and west (America) brings us back to the narrow band internet of 1997.

So what’s to look forward in 2007 in the technology scene? Well, I’ve not been really observing all the happenings in the technology scene, but here’s a few that caught my attention:

  • Solid-state / Hybrid hard disk drive
  • The storage media is currently the biggest bottleneck in today’s modern PC, advancement in storage technology is on the horizon, combining solid-state memory as our hard disk drive could improve our PC boot-up time and speed while accessing commonly used files. In notebooks, this could also result in lower power consumption from the hard disk which could improve battery life.

  • Intel to regain market share, AMD on defense
  • Intel has a range of great product offerings for all sectors and the manufacturing capability to recapture its lost market share. AMD is now forced to defend its position while it prepares the next generation of microprocessor and manufacturing fabs to compete with the rejuvenated Intel, Leap-ing Ahead of the competition.

  • Wireless N
  • Many has jumped into the wireless (or WIFI) bandwagon since its introduction. But today’s wireless access is limited in bandwidth and security, which is where the next generation of wireless N (802.11n) standard is supposed to address. The market has already been flooded with numerous pre-N (draft 802.11n) routers, and should thus be avoided until it is finalized later this year.

  • LCD Mass Invasion, CRT R.I.P.
  • Prices of LCD monitors and TVs are falling by the day in 2006, and the trend should continue well into 2007. The shortcomings of earlier generations of LCD screens are becoming less apparent to most users. LCD screens are thinner, consume less power, negligible (if any) radiation emission, crisp clear pictures and reasonably priced. Rest In Peace CRT.

  • Green technologies on the rise
  • The world is beginning to take note of the rising cost of energy and natural resources. Giving green technologies such as solar power and hydrogen a boost in funding and significance as our alternative source of energy without polluting the environment. The cost of green energy is still relatively high, but its certainly coming down as the technology matures. The computer industry on the other hand, has generally been very forthcoming with a change in emphasis towards power efficiency instead of just performance push.

  • Web 2.0 becoming mainstream
  • The web is becoming more interactive and desktop-like by the day with the introduction of technologies such as AJAX, which is also commonly known as Web 2.0. Features which were once only possible as a desktop application is now possible on a web page. More and more websites would adopt bits and pieces of Web 2.0 into their pages, and so will my blog, HockLai.com be Web 2.0 in 2007, as a new year resolution.

Just my 2 cent of tech enLIGHTenment.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year for 2007!