S.A.D. Me

The acronym S.A.D. seems to give an interesting overview description about myself.

Single And Desperate
I’m currently Single And Desperate. Well not exactly desperate, but I’m certainly on a lookout for potential candidates.

Slashdot And Digg
I’m a regular to sites like Slashdot And Digg. My gateway to interesting sites and information on the internet. And hopefully one day I’ll be able to blog some good quality contents that would be Slashdotted or Digged.

Smile Attitude Dude
Guess this is just me, the dude with a smiling attitude which many have come to know me by. Which also explains why I’ve had a smiley as part of my blog title.

Short And Descriptive
I like to keep things Short And Descriptive as much as possible. Keep things nice and short… and most importantly conveys the message.

Support And Design Engineer
I’m currently working as a Support And Design Engineer at PK Kinetics (Power Kinetics). It’s a challenging job but I’m enjoying every moment of it.

Guess I’m really a S.A.D. guy :)

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  1. decypher 13 March, 2007