My first income tax

Fulfilling my duty as a responsible working citizen of Malaysia, I’ve just submitted my 2006 income tax, my first income tax. I guess I’m one of the typical Malaysian that submits their income tax on the very last few days prior to the closing date (30 April 2007).
The LHDN (Inland Revenue Department) has done a great job to introduce e-Filing for the people to file their income tax. Its certainly ‘the way’ to go. Utilizing information technology to better improve the government public service efficiency and to better serve the citizens by making it easier and more convenient (at least for the IT literate).

However, I needed to still make a trip to the Inland Revenue Department’s office to obtain my PIN in order to proceed with e-Filing. They claimed to have mailed it to me, but guess it was lost along the way. Anyway, its just a 5-minute process and barely any queue at the counter to obtain the PIN when I got there.

e-Filing is pretty easy and highly recommended for those who are comfortable with the internet. Just needed to fill in the blanks in the form with the necessary figures and the system would compute the taxes that one needs to pay. The server response can be quite slow at times (probably due to the high traffic) but at least it works.

As for me, it looks like the government of Malaysia owes me some money instead of me paying them any taxes for 2006 :)