What does CIMB means?

CIMB LogoCIMB Bank (and all its subsidiaries) is the latest product of bank mergers in Malaysia. Bringing Bumiputra-Commerce Bank and Southern Bank under one roof with a new name – CIMB. But I’ve never really know what’s behind the acronym CIMB? And I believe many Malaysians didn’t know what it means either.

A quick browse on the company’s website finally reveals it.
CIMB basically stands for Commerce International Merchant Bank.

However, we Malaysians seems to be rather creative with acronyms.
CIMB: Cina India Melayu Bank
(A name that truly reflects the 3 major races in Malaysia)

Anyway, the newly merged bank entity has been improving its services, products and competitiveness in the competitive local banking industry. Hopefully they’ll continue bringing forward banking to its customers. The over-the-counter service has improved so has their online banking services. CIMB Clicks is certainly one of the better designed local online banking websites.


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