Eco-Friendly PC

I’ve decided to join the green PC movement with my recently upgraded desktop PC (since my previous 4 year old PC just died). As usual, I built my own PC from components which I’ve hand picked to meet my green PC requirement and budget.

So what’s my definition of a green PC? Firstly it has to consume less power since most of our power is still generated using non-renewable energy sources, and secondly it has to comply with the RoHS requirements. This means the PC would have to be energy efficient and made using lead-free substances.

Just a quick glance of what I used to have on my old system:

    AMD Athlon XP 2600+ (Thorton core)
    512MB DDR333 RAM
    MSI KT4V (KT400) motherboard
    MSI GeForce MX400 graphic card
    80GB Seagate 7200RPM HDD
    Generic 400W PSU

This PC’s maximum power consumption is about 140W, and due to the low quality generic PSU, it would typical have about 60% efficiency…Thus drawing about 233W from the mains.

And this is the specs of my new eco-friendly green PC:

    AMD Athlon 64 x2 3600+ (Brisbane core)
    1GB DDR2-667 RAM
    Asus M2N-VM (690G chipset) motherboard
    Integrated X1250 graphics
    80GB Seagate 7200RPM (re-use from previous system)
    SilverStone Strider ST56F 560W PSU (~80% efficiency)

This PC’s maximum power consumption is about 125W, and with a high quality PSU with 80% efficiency… Thus drawing about 156W from the mains.

So upgrading to my new green PC saves me at least 83W from my previous system. In reality, the power savings would be greater as we barely utilize the PC’s processing power to the max at all time. The newer PC has a more energy efficient design that reduces its clock speed according to the work load, thus reducing power consumption when idle. A feature which the previous system does not have.

And with an average daily usage of about 8 hours, I would have saved at least 0.664 kWh of electricity consumption on a daily basis or about 20 kWh in a month. That’s equivalent to about 31 pound less CO2 being released into the atmosphere monthly from my new green PC (based on 1.55 pounds CO2 per kWh). At the same time, I would have saved at least RM4.36 every month (Malaysia’s residential electricity tariff of 21.8 cent/kWh) in my electricity bill as well :)

By the way, this new green PC cost me about RM950 (recycled many components from the previous system into the new PC). A pretty reasonable price for an environmentally friendly PC which would serve my computing usage well.


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