My dotcom 2nd Anniversary

Happy Birthday to Me and’s 2nd Anniversary!!

Another year has passed and I’m a year “younger” and “wiser”. It’s been a rather challenging year, a year of juggling between work commitments and personal life, between pursuing perfection and compromise, and between dreams and reality. Seems like I’m slowly mastering the art of juggling.

Work has been the center stage of my life. Work load has been increasing over the year, but I guess its a normal phenomena as one become more and more apart of the company’s operations. It’s a good opportunity to learn more along the way and contribute in a more significant way. But as much as I would like to pursue for perfection in my work, compromise has to be made due to limited resources.

There are times when I just felt like throwing the towel and just quit my job to find a new job with a better work environment and pay. But I shall persevere, and I shall face all the challenges that comes my way one step at a time. Only then will I be able to take on bigger roles and grow wiser. And as much as I would like to pursue my own dreams, every challenges that I face today will be my stepping stone towards it.

As for, I’ve spent less time blogging this past one year. Hopefully it will not get any lesser to the extend of being a dormant blogger. I still have the desire to blog, but I’m lack of time. Anyway, I do plan to revive the looks of this blog with a fresh new looking theme that I’ve been working on lately in this coming few days. Sadly, it could not be completed in time to coincide with my blog’s 2nd Anniversary. Anyway, thanks for all the support given till now. I shall keep this blog going…

Hock Lai ;)