Malaysia’s 50th Merdeka

Happy 50th Merdeka Malaysia!!

Malaysia (or to be exact, the Peninsular Malaysia) celebrates its 50 years of independence. It’s been quite a journey for this relatively young multi-racial country. We now have world-class
infrastructures that we can be proud of. But we still have a long way to go in terms of the general public socio-political mentality.
50th Merdeka Logo
Unlike all previous Merdeka (National Day) celebrations where I watched it on TV, I’ve decided to take a road trip down to Putrajaya to be part of the celebration in counting down to 31st August on Malaysia’s 50th anniversary. The fireworks display in conjunction with the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition and Merdeka celebrations were pretty good. A 20 minutes worth of entertaining fireworks display that justifies the congestion and the journey to Putrajaya.

And I shall leave the pictures to speak for themselves…
3 flowers in the sky

Coconut trees?

Cool purple

More fireworks…

Can you see the star?

Colourful dots

Looks like some pink flowers?

And a big blast to end it all…