Review: Sandisk Micro 2GB

The Sandisk Micro may not be the smallest sized USB drive in the world, but its still a pretty small USB drive. A simple cap design USB drive with a metal body encased in an interchangeable rubber case and cap.

SanDisk Micro 2GB
The SanDisk Micro 2GB (in blue skin)

The data transfer performance of the Sandisk Micro USB drive is comparable to the Transcend JetFlash V10 USB drive I’ve reviewed recently. A decent 16179 kB/sec read speed on SiSoftware Sandra XI 2MB file test benchmark, which is a little slower than the JetFlash V10. The write speed however is a respectable 6349 kB/sec, which is approximately 3 times faster than the JetFlash V10.

SanDisk Micro 2GB naked
The SanDisk Micro 2GB naked without its skin

The decent read/write speed of this USB drive made using portable applications (e.g. on it a pleasure. Sandisk have also included a program called CruzerLock 2 to store documents on the USB drive encrypted. This feature could come handy when storing confidential documents when the USB drive falls into the wrong hands.

Overall, it’s a pretty good USB drive in a relatively small size. The price of a 2GB USB drive these days are pretty cheap and affordable, so is this Sandisk Micro.

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