Of CEH, and being Certified SAD

CEH, what is this all about? Well, I’ve recently came across something interesting while at my customer’s place, a unique certification by EC-Council to be a CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker, or a CEH(kai) which means lousy in Cantonese.

Back in my early teenage years, I’ve always wondered what does it takes to be a true hacker. We all know (or at least, sort of know) what they’re capable of doing in the cyberspace, and to pull-off some hacking on a friend’s computer does sounds cool. But the path towards the ‘dark side’ is not exactly a well paved one since there isn’t exactly a Hacking for Dummies book back then (the 1st edition wasn’t published until 2004). And so I’ve decided to be with the ‘light side’, helping my friends/relatives to fend for themselves in the cyberspace with what I know.

Having found out that one could be a Certified Ethical Hacker, my interest in what it takes to be a hacker revives. But the keyword now is being ethical and using the art of hacking for good. Well, I have no qualms with such terms and conditions as I’m only interested to know how it is done for my knowledge purposes and the countermeasures that I could take. It takes a criminal to know the mind of a criminal.

And to add to my collection of S.A.D-ness, having Certified S.A.D (also by EC-Council) might just add more credential to my current work. Currently, my work has slowly moved towards software development for financial applications and being a Certified Secure Application Developer (CSAD) might just help me more at work.

Well, these courses has certainly entice me to perhaps make it as one of my 2008 resolutions as part of my lifelong journey of learning. Given its relevance to my job nature, I do hope I could get it sponsored by my employer. Anyway, having such certifications on my resume would certainly makes it more… fuyoh~~