I have to salute to the marketing/advertising gurus working for Digi. First they came up with the yellow man (Yellow Coverage Fellow, YCF) with the “I Will Follow You” theme song that has struck the hearts of many Malaysians. It soon became the talk of the town – a testimony of a great marketing campaign in recent years. Something which TM’s BlueHyppo have failed to achieve I guess.

With such a successful marketing campaign, the folks at Digi must be a bunch of happy people, but they’re not resting on their laurels. These happy people has decided to launch a whole new prepaid service and branded it Happy (http://www.happy.com.my) to make us all h>ppy too.

So what’s so different with Happy’s mobile prepaid services? Here’s some highlights:

  • Maximum RM0.99 per call
  • Only RM0.01 per second up to 99 seconds
  • Only RM0.10 per SMS to anyone
  • 60 days validity with any reload

The call rates is perhaps one of the lowest in Malaysia and for low usage prepaid users, 60 days validity with any reload amount is surely a plus point. 60 days validity may not seem much in other country’s mobile prepaid services like in Singapore or Australia, but its easily double what most other prepaid mobile packages are offering in Malaysia. There must be some strings attached (I guess)… but I’ve yet to find any on their website.

Looks like a price war between our local mobile telco’s is on the horizon. I wonder where will Digi’s existing prepaid services gonna be positioned with the introduction of Happy. Anyway, I’m not switching over yet, I’m already pretty happy as it is, maybe one day when I’m feeling down I’ll try get Happy. Hopefully there will be more happy Malaysians with Happy…


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