Dawn of 2008

The dawn of 2008 is upon us, and 2007 is now history. It’s the time of the year to start afresh with a New Year resolution – a purpose, a goal, and a vision of things to achieve for the year. I’ve set many new year’s resolutions in the past, some which I’m glad that it was achieved while most of it was just forgotten a few months later. It sounds familiar to all of us isn’t it?

Well, 2007 has been quite a growing up year for me in many ways. My first (full) year of working life gave me lots of things to reflect upon with my current career path. It gave me some new perspective in life. There were times when I felt lost with where I’m heading with my work, and it took me a while to re-discover myself, my inspiration and my motivation. After some turbulence in 2007, I’ll strive for firm and consistent determination to accomplish what I’ve set out to achieve (not only in work, but also my personal life aims) in 2008.

I’ve managed to achieve one of my “Cuti-cuti Malaysia” destination goals in 2007 – A trip to the lush greeneries and wilderness of Taman Negara (National Park). I have a vision to some day visit all the major attractions in Malaysia before I begin my overseas holiday trips. So what’s next in my places to conquer for 2008? Perhaps I shall conquer the tallest mountain in Malaysia (4th in South-East Asia), Mount Kinabalu this year.

Last but not least… I shall continue smiling and continue my little blog here :)

Happy New Year 2008!!