Conquered Mt. Kinabalu

Yes!! I’ve conquered the tallest mountain in Malaysia (4th in South-East Asia), Mount Kinabalu at 4095m above sea level. It’s a tough 8.5km journey hiking up from the foothill at Kinabalu Park via Timpohon Gate to the highest point, Low’s Peak. An adventure which I’ve never prepared much physically but nonetheless made it with lots of determination and perseverance. It’s an exhausting journey but the breathtaking views were rewarding.

Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words…

View of Mount Kinabalu from Kinabalu Park

Sunrise at Mount Kinabalu at about 4000m above sea level

The infamous Donkey Ears of Mount Kinabalu

The South Peak of Mount Kinabalu (this is the peak printed on Malaysia’s RM1 note)

Vegetation at Mount Kinabalu’s Peak

Finally, this is me having conquered the highest peak of Mount Kinabalu, the Low’s Peak

More of my journey in my travelogue in the coming post…


  1. YeinJee 27 July, 2008
  2. Vin the conquerer too 28 July, 2008