Goodbye 2008

It feels like I’ve just welcomed the dawn of 2008, but a year has past and 2008 is coming to an end. Many things have occurred in my life over this one year period which I didn’t quite have the time to blog about. So perhaps I shall sum it all up in my year-end reflection for 2008.

Well, what’s reflection without looking back at my 2008 resolutions which I’ve made early in the year?

  • Climb Mount Kinabalu
    1. Checked! I’ve successfully conquered Mount Kinabalu this year as part of my “Cuti-cuti Malaysia” destination which I’ve always wanted to achieve before I turn 30. Glad I’ve made the trip, it was a fantastic climb
  • Get A New/Better Job
    1. Checked! Well things has been going down hill in my previously job, it became just my job instead of my career. In this time of economy downturn, it was a tough decision to quit my job without securing a new offer. Anyway, I’m glad that I did manage to secure a job shortly after taking a break from work
  • Freelance Work
    1. Checked! Freelance work is one of my resolutions as a stepping stone towards establishing my own company some day hopefully (fingers crossed). I’m glad there were a few freelance work that came knocking on my door this year, and it gave me some very valuable experience and an opportunity to build my reputation from here (besides the side income)
  • Blog More
    1. Did I? In terms of blog post count, I have definitely not been blogging more. However, I believe my post are now better in terms of the content. Several post has made it into Google’s Top 10 search result for certain keywords, and has been generating good traffic. With many other commitments in life, perhaps occasional post of things that matters is better than simply blogging for the sake of blogging

Wow! 3 out of 4 resolutions… looks like it’s been quite a good 2008. I’ll keep 2009 resolutions for another post later when I’ve made some up.

Last but not least, (although it isn’t exactly a resolution) 2008 leads me to my other half. My first girlfriend and hopefully the one that I could share the rest of my life with. It’s been an exciting and interesting first-time experience into a relationship. May our love takes us through the ups and downs in life…

Goodbye 2008…