HP Malaysia Warranty Service Feedback

Credit should be given where its due, and HP Malaysia’s customer service deserve some from my recent encounter with them. The personnels at HP Malaysia’s main office (HP Tower, Damansara) were well-mannered, friendly and helpful, but more importantly my laptop was repaired (under warranty) in 2 working days.

My recently purchased CQ45 laptop (Reviewed Here) had some problem with the LAN network port, and was found to be faulty or not functioning at optimum level. It’s supposed to be a GigaLAN network, but only manage to operate at 10mbps even on a 100mbps (or 1Gbps) network. The HP personnel at the service centre verified the problem, and eventually replaced a the laptop’s motherboard for free (under warranty). Althought they’ve quoted 3 working days to get it done, it was ready for collection in 2 working days.

I’ve had good encounter with Dell’s customer service previously too, it’s good and fixed at my doorstep within 3 working days from the day the problem was identified via a phone call to Dell customer service. Although HP does not offer such doorstep services, dropping by their service centre to get it fixed in a timely manner deserved to be given some credit as well.

Perhaps HP can further improve their customer service to on-the-spot repair in the future instead of having their customers to make 2 trips to the service centre (since they do not offer repair services at my doorstep)… Anyway, thumbs up to HP Malaysia’s Customer Service :)

NOTE: I’ve received several inquiries & questions with regards to HP Customer Service and Warranty. Unfortunately I’m NOT a HP representative nor do I work for HP to give any specific technical support or HP policies beyond my knowledge. Please contact HP Malaysia 1-800-88-8588 (within Malaysia only) or HP Malaysia website.


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