End of Geocities

It’s sad to hear yet another one of the web’s early days legend, Geocities being closed. Back in its glorious days, Geocities had quite a huge “community” of neighbourhood websites hosted on its servers with websites being grouped by their common interest (E.g. technology related at geocities.com/siliconvalley/mywebsite).

Geocities Closure

Geocities Closure

It was one of the best free webhosting providers for individuals to express themselves on the internet with their own (static) websites. Geocities has given the opportunity for many netizens to try out building their own websites, and build hits (readership) for free before heading towards their own dot-com and paid webhosting for their website. I am one of them… and I believe many too (if my memory serve me right, even one of my favourite computer review website, Anandtech.com also has its early beginning at Geocities)

There’s isn’t such a thing called blog nor a nice web publishing platform such as WordPress that I’m using to type this post back then. Having your own personal website back then was really rocket science for many back then. Fortunately, things has improved for the better since then. Having a personal website, or more popularly known as blogs nowadays is relatively easy for an average Joe. Thus, the era of blogs mushrooming all over the web.

With more and more social networking websites such as facebook to help us express ourselves on the internet easily, the end of Geocities became inevitable. Many of Geocities “clone” (free webhosting provider) has closed their doors much earlier or barely surviving. Anyway, thanks Geocities for the experience you’ve given to all of us “homesteaders”. It was a nice home, but we’re moving on…

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