A New 2011

A new year, a new beginning and a new start. Life is full of its ups and downs.

Last year (2010) was no exception. It started with a hope of greater things ahead in my career which gave me a chance to experiment and develop with various new technologies and concepts from writing Apps for BlackBerry to Zimbra. Sadly, things didn’t quite work out within my expectations (career-wise).

I’m glad that I’ve manage to fulfill not one, but two travels for 2010. Both trips were equally fantastic which sadly I did not have the time to blog about it. And both trips made me want to make another trip back again some day in the future when budget permits. Being back in Adelaide brings back fond memories of my Uni days, and a chance to catch up with friends that I’ve not met since graduating. And a trip to the land of the rising sun, Japan was simply memorable and eye opening.

Last year was also the first time I’ve been able to complete reading a non-fiction book that is not ‘textbook’ in nature. I’m not exactly a bookworm, and I would’ve normally lose interest to continue reading a book half-way (or less). Thus, completing a book of approximately 250+ pages in a year was really something. At least the book which I’ve bought for tax-rebate has taught me something instead of just taking up space on my bookshelf.

So what’s new for 2011?

A new job for a new year at Nuffnang Malaysia as a web developer and its been a refreshing change to a very young and vibrant bunch of colleagues who are all 20-something. Hopefully I can get use to life being a ‘Nuffies’ and the new challenges ahead. And maybe I might just be blogging more actively once more if time permits. So how’s working life in Nuffnang? I’ll leave that for a future post.

A new home for a new year. I’ve just bought a modest little apartment in KL with a view of the KL skyline which I’m still in the process of completing the legal stuff. Hopefully it will all be sorted out and I could move in by mid-year and make the house into a home.

A new destination for a new year. It has been my new year resolution since I’ve started working to travel at least once (preferably twice) a year to a country that I’ve not step foot on. 2011 will hopefully be another step closer to “conquering” all the destinations offered by AirAsia – Now everyone can fly.

A new me for a new year. Following last year’s accomplishment, I’ll pick a book to read for 2011 and learn new ideas, concept and perhaps some self-improvement lessons from it (I don’t read fictions). Time management will be the new me for 2011. And hopefully I’ll have some time to spare on experimenting with Android development this year :)

Happy New Year!!

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