Commuting on LRT Malaysia

Taking the public transport in Malaysia is not exactly a preferred or favored option of getting to your destination punctually and comfortably. The last time I took a public transport was during my college years when driving (my dad’s) car around was an occasional privilege. I now have my own car but decided to take the LRT to work and only drives on weekends.

I know some kids these days are so blessed that they’ve never stepped on a public transport (Buses/LRT/KTM Kommuter) and had “drivers” to get them around or a car soon after getting their driving license. Well, I don’t blame the parents for being overly-protective of their children given the level of street crimes these days (I’m still skeptical of the official statistics given by the police), but I do believe that everyone should give our public transportation a chance.

As part of my new year‘s resolution in my new job, I’ve decided to give the LRT Kelana Jaya line (formerly Putra line) a try given the close proximity of my new work place to the station. Driving into Kuala Lumpur city center is synonymous with traffic jams during weekdays, and given the rising cost of petrol (and practically everything else) in Malaysia… I’m glad that the LRT service was good.

I could comfortably get from my home to work (and vice-versa) in about 30 minutes. The air-conditioned coaches were even cooler than my office! I think they could perhaps tweaked the temperature up a degree or two. The new 4-coach trains has certainly improved the capacity of the LRT, and the frequency of trains (<5 minutes interval) certainly deserves some credit.

I remembered having quite a sad experience taking the LRT a few years back when I just came back from my studies in Australia. The train that I boarded has a faulty air-con and everyone was practically having a complimentary sauna inside the window-less coaches. On another incident, I was also crammed in a sardine packed train during rush hours. That was the state of our LRT service back in 2006, which is rather disappointing.

The LRT service started well in its early days but was later deprived of proper maintenance due to the poor maintenance culture of our public service sector. I’m just glad the service has now improved and hope it would stay that way (or better) for years to come…