It’s been a long time

It has been a long time since I last updated my blog. Many important life events took place since my last post. Not sure why, but just had the inspiration to come back to this blog to start blogging all over again. Hopefully it will continue for years to come and not be quiet again after a few updates.

A quick recap of my life before I blog about some techie stuff …

  • I’m now living the life of an entrepreneur on a small technology start-up – Turning client’s needs and ideas into reality with my technical skills for a living while still developing my own eureka product that would hopefully catapult this little start-up into a household name (I know it’s a wild dream). It’s been about a year since I embark on this journey and it has its fair share of ups and downs. The road ahead is full of questions marks and unknowns. I just had to strive on, persevere and hope for that little touch of luck to succeed.

As what my ex-boss said in his recent blog post: 7 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Blog. Perhaps this blog should also be my way of communicating my thoughts as well as sharing some techie stuff that I enjoyed.

  • My working life prior to this has always been desk-bound and the new found freedom has been a refreshing change. A balance of being out there and being desk-bound at the same time makes my work life more interesting now. Although working hours these days can be rather long at times, but the flexibility makes up for it I guess.
  • From being awarded Ironman a year before (zero Medical Leave), to having my first minor operation and overnight at hospital. I’ve always been the one standing beside the bed (looking after someone/visiting), but this was the first where I’m actually on the bed lying down in pain from the post-surgery wounds. A reminder that I shouldn’t take health for granted.
  • It’s been about a year since my honeymoon with my lovely wife… how time flies. A very relaxing, care free and fun trip to down under Australia. Wish I could have another holiday trip again soon.